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WHAT happens when a dead inside, F-the-world outcast,

a fierce Harvard-educated bombshell,

and an obnoxiously happy childrens-party princess

walk into an audition?

Though they don't succeed at the casting call where they first meet,

they succeed in life and become best friends.

Our three leading ladies bond over being stuck on their journeys

of wanting to become successful in … dare we say it… acting

But don’t worry! Less about the deal signings and fancy movie sets, the series

focuses on the hilarity and fun that ensues on the journey to the stars.

It’s “The Three Stooges” meets “The Golden Girls”...

and the dreams that keep on dreaming.





Alyssa Abraham

Omri Anghel

Lauren LeBeouf

Nadav Pessach

Kelsea Edgerly

Donny Garnett

Miguel de Oliveira


Monica Vilela


We are so flippin' excited to be joining the world of Seed & Spark in order to spread the word about our new project. Seed & Spark is specifically a film-centric crowdfunding platform and seeks to promote unique creator voices as they build their audiences. YAY!


STUCK! was created and written by women (Girl Power!). So, by supporting this project you’re supporting lady creator comediennes and are an advocate for female friendships on screen. But our STUCK! team also includes men and women, Gen X (millennials) and Gen Y, immigrants and those born in the US, as well as ethnically diverse talents - all working together to make this magical s*itstorm a reality.

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